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April 2014

Maximize resources in our solar system


Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I hope you will see that we need to go get the vast resources available in our own Solar System and thereby creating a mass wave of employment and diminish poverty in America Enjoy my site.

As an example of the economic value of space resources, let's consider the smallest known M-type asteroid, the near-Earth asteroid known as 3554 Amun (two kilometers in diameter): The iron and nickel in Amun have a market value of about $8,000 billion, the cobalt content adds another $6,000 billion, and the platinum-group metals add another $6,000 billion.
— John S. Lewis, Mining the Sky.

Now China has a more aggressive space program than the USA. China also has plans to build their own Space Station and go to the Moon!

I have been passionate and concerned about human kind (Yes that does include you!) since I was in the 4th grade. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Continue” you’ll read an interesting story.

Suffice it to say, my concern is simply with our continued existence as a species. There are many ways we can go the way of the dinosaur, whether by our own hand, or some natural global disaster.

Our problems are many – Economic, Unemployment, Education, Power, War, Political, Hate Crimes, Are we alone in the Universe and on a personal level just trying to get by on a monthly basis.

For the very first time we can start to solve these problems and establish our continued existence as a species. Our politicians need to have a foundation in the Sciences and apply new solutions to age old problems

We need to go back to our roots and be the explorers, colonizers, conquerors and yes, exploiters of resources our forefathers were.
Space really is the final frontier and we have to look at it with new eyes.

We have incredible technologies that are maturing. Near Earth Orbit Asteroids and the Moon have what we need as far as material resources go. By the way, just think of OUR SOLAR SYSTEM as a vast treasure trove of wealth to be distributed to each of us. (Click Continue at the Bottom of this page to learn more)

I’m continually updating this website but please explore it and the links provided

I’m excited to see the progress of Virgin Galactic in Space tourism. If you are not aware of this Space Tourism business visit:

The Discovery Channel is documenting their work and progress. 10/10/10 was a pivotal day for the group as they test flew the module that will take ordinary people into low earth orbit. Previously, by paying Russia $40 million you could be a Space Tourist, a tad pricy but you could do it, first get $40 million dollars. Now they are booking Astronauts for $200,000 a trip - QUITE A DROP. They are still a couple of years out, but this is progress.


I sent Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson a request to review the content of this website. He requested I provide a shortened, concise version of this site and this is the results of that communication.

Thank You Dr. Tyson.

I'm starting a movement - perhaps an actual organization - whose goal it is to Save Our Species by promoting the industrialization, colonization, recreational use space and the exploitation of the resources of our Solar System for the ultimate result of saving our species. You and I both know we will become extinct one way or another.

We don't need to be concerned about lifting material off earth, everything we need is already off earth. I propose industrializing the Moon and mining asteroids. I know ultimately our own solar system won't survive, but we can't reach out to other solar systems without taming our own!
Greg Roadruck

Area 51 is an Awesome series (it's fiction, but is it really?)

Our leaders are visionless. The last space shuttle lands July 21. Our leaders foolishly spend our money and now we are unemployed and broke. I discovered The Space Movement AND The Planetary Society. They are neither democratic nor republican. They don’t care about race, creed, religion or sexual orientation. They are no nonsense organizations that we need to join and make sure our next leaders embrace the Space Movement and The Planetary Society or we need to move them out of office. Tell 10 people about this site.

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson's reply:
Neil deGrasse Tyson to Greg

Dear Greg,

Thanks for your shortened note.

This is, of course, what NASA's ISRU and COTS movement is all about.

What you describe will be a hard sell in the current financial climate. But somebody's got to do it.

Good luck.


Neil deGrasse Tyson
Department of Astrophysics
& Director, Hayden Planetarium
American Museum of Natural History
Central Park West at 79th Street
New York, NY 10024

I searched for Space Tourism Stocks and found this site. What a fantastic site!!!

Yes we can do something

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